On The Matter of Race Live
Virtual Summit
Racism: Why White People Must Learn HOW to Be Part of the Conversation
Three Powerful Days For BIPOC and White People to Come Together With Experts to Have This Important Conversation
July 21, 22 & 23, 2022
10am - 4pm ET July 21 & 22, 2022
11am - 4:30pm ET July 23, 2022

Our Wonderful Speakers
Meena Srinivasan, MA
Meena Srinivasan, MA, National Board Certified Teacher, is a South Asian-American edupreneur with deep expertise in the fields of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Mindfulness in Education. She is the Founding Executive Director of Transformative Educational Leadership (TEL). Prior to this role she spent five and a half years working in partnership with the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) to implement SEL system-wide in the Oakland Unified School District.

Meena has taught and led in a variety of school settings (public, private, urban, international) and holds a Clear Administrative Services Credential in the state of California. She is the creator of the SEL Every Day online courses, author of Teach, Breathe, Learn: Mindfulness In and Out of the Classroom , SEL Every Day: Integrating SEL with Instruction in Secondary Classrooms which was chosen as one of 2019’s Favorite Books for Educators by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley and Integrating SEL into Every Classroom Quick Reference Guide.

Meena’s article, “Social and Emotional Learning Starts with Adults” was one of ASCD’s 10 Best Express Articles of 2018 and she was featured in the Dec 2020/Jan 2021 issue of Educational Leadership Magazine on “Mindful School Leadership.”

Kiana Davis
Kiana Davis is the author of autobiographical poetry collections Digging For Roots and From These Roots Up. She is the editor and publisher of Voices in the Shadow and Unyielding Roots: What is Your Hair Story?

She was raised in Richmond, California, and she began writing poetry at the age of 12 to grapple with growing up in poverty. Poetry helped her develop her identity and find her voice.

Kiana is an Adult Basic Studies instructor, and she also teaches Equity and Social Justice themed poetry workshops.  Her workshops are designed to help youth and adult awaken their inner poets and learn about race and injustice.
Landen Paikai
Landen Paikai is a Native Hawaiian business owner and community activist who is a champion for social work within the community. A staunch believer in helping those who need aid, he is especially passionate about mentoring underprivileged children and young adults.

Originally from Hawaii, Landen now lives in Las Vegas with his wife and four children. Here he is focused on supporting local communities in both locations by bridging connections and resources between Hawaii and the “9th Island.”
Sa'uda K. Dunlap, LCSW
Sa’uda currently serves as the Assistant Vice President of Equity and Belonging at Vibrant Emotional Health.  She is responsible for leading a new team with the ongoing establishment of an equity team to work closely with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (“the Lifeline”) team - a SAMHSA-funded program administered by Vibrant, and a national network of over 180 independently owned crisis call centers across the country.

It is a key senior leadership position where her department is responsible for developing and implementing a strategy to promote a culture of access and inclusion across all programs served, trainings, and practices. This role focuses on effectively meeting the social, emotional, and wellness needs of communities that are systematically under-served as well as those that are intentionally marginalized. The Equity and Belonging department is a partner within Vibrant, and with external federal, national, regional and local partners – in building deep, engaging, and meaningful relationships across multifaceted communities.
Shawnee Renee Benton
Shawnee Benton Gibson, LMSW / FLDC is the CEO of Spirit of A Woman (S.O.W.) Leadership Development Institute and the Co-Founder of the ARIAH Foundation. She has over 30 years of administrative, clinical and executive coaching experience and has expertise in women’s leadership, reproductive justice, racial equity, individual and group counseling, trauma and bereavement. These skills, combined with Shawnee’s spiritual and artistic gifts, have allowed her to teach and guide individuals as they navigate the stages and phases of their lives. Shawnee is a healer, author, vision coach, activist, performance artist  and mother who is the subject of the award winning documentary “Aftershock”; a film that chronicles her and her family’s experiences of grief, trauma and activism after the tragic and preventable death of her eldest daughter, Shamony Makeba Gibson, due to maternal mortality and reproductive injustice. According to Shawnee, “being a revolutionary is a labor of love and liberation"
Bertrand Wang
Bertrand Wang is an activist artist. Bert is a founding member of the Asian American rap duo, Yellow Peril, the Asian American power band, SuperChink, and performing arts collective, Peeling the Banana. Bert has organized around issues such as labor and anti-Asian violence. An avid martial arts aficionado, he grew up studying various martial arts and has been training Brazilian jiu jitsu for over 8 years! He is delighted to work with his mentor, friend and colleague, Lynne Hurdle-Price!  Thank you! 
Mira Shane
Mira’s passion in life is amplified when she’s focused on building relationships, positivity, and storytelling specifically for misrepresented communities. While studying African American Studies, Law, Justice & Social Change, and Music at Michigan, Mira helped lead the women’s lacrosse program to its first NCAA Tournament bid in 2019. A native of Princeton, N.J., and proud biracial queer woman, she is Michigan’s all-time winningest goalie in program history and the career saves leader. When she isn't in her goalie gear now as a Pro Athlete for Athletes Unlimited, Mira is probably beatboxing or singing. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, and works for Verb Energy full time focusing on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Melissa St Clair
Melissa St. Clair will bring readers into the heart of the author’s expedition into the study of racism and social justice electrified by Harriet Tubman’s heroic flight to freedom.
Michele Heyward
Michele Heyward is the founder and CEO of PositiveHire, a tech company engineered to connect Black, Latinx and Indigenous women who are experienced scientists, engineers and technology professionals to management roles. As an experienced construction project manager in the energy sector, Michele is armed with technical sales and technology transfer experience.

Michele’s vision is to not only help underrepresented women in STEM find inclusive workplaces, but to also prepare business organizations to receive them.

Michele holds a BS degree in Civil Engineering and MS degree in Industrial Management, both from Clemson University. 
Jamel Nedderman
Currently the Executive Director of AWOC Recovery and Crisis Intervention for the Division for Youth and Family Justice formerly the Department of Juvenile Justice. Responsible for developing and implementing new initiatives which dramatically changes the current practice of the juvenile justice system specializing in therapeutic care and not incarceration.  I have received several awards from the former Department of Juvenile Justice, Community Based Programs, and the Administration of Children Services for my dedication to the positive growth of at-risk youth including the Mayors accommodations for my programs. I also was present during the initial 911 attacks and worked on the clean up and recovery. I am a certified conflict mediator and a facilitator of restorative Justice.
Simone Gonyea
I am an Onondaga Snipe member of the Haudenosaunee. I am a mother, a daughter, an aunty and I am a sister. As a graduate of the Onondaga Nation School, my passion was always teaching. I returned to the school I graduated from after receiving my degree in elementary education. I began my 24 years of teaching experience at the Onondaga Nation School in various grade levels.

In pursuing higher education, first with a master from Syracuse University in Instructional, Design, Development and Evaluation to my Certificate of Advanced Study at SUNY Oswego in School Building and District Leadership, I have a passionate spark for facilitating and supporting the Onondaga Nation School with rich cultural and language teachings. I began my Principalship of the Onondaga Nation School just as our school went to remote learning due to COVID. What we know now in education is vastly different from how we previously thought and believed.

It is my honor to facilitate the connection of our Onondaga language and traditional teaching to our children fostering a deep understanding of culture and identity.
Linda Lausell Bryant, Ph.D, MSW
Linda Lausell Bryant is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Clinical Associate Professor at the NYU Silver School of Social Work. She also directs the Adaptive Leadership in Human Services Institute at NYU Silver, while serving as the Katherine and Howard Aibel Executive-in- Residence. Prior to this, she was the Director of the Doctorate in Social Work program at Silver.

She is devoted to developing the leadership capacities of social workers to spark change at the intersection of race, ethnicity, and social justice. In 2020, she co-developed and implemented a Faculty Antiracism Training to strengthen skill in antiracist pedagogy, inclusive teaching and mentoring for all NYU Silver faculty.

She is a sponsor and contributing author to Latinx in Social Work, a book of narratives for healing and justice. In her 35-year career, she has been the Executive Director of Inwood House, serving young mothers in foster care, an associate commissioner at the NYC Administration for Children’s Services, and a member of the NYC Panel for Education Policy.

She is currently board president of National Crittenton, pursuing social and systems change for young women. She is the recipient of the Latino Social Work Coalition’s 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award, NYU Silver’s Distinguished Contribution to Student Engagement Award and the 2022 Martin Luther King, Jr. Faculty Award. She has co- authored “A Guide for Sustaining Conversations on Racism, Identity and Our Mutual Humanity” and “Social Work: A Call to Action.”
Naomi Raquel Enright
Naomi Raquel Enright is a writer, educator and equity practitioner based in Brooklyn, NY. She is also a National SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) Facilitator and a New York Appleseed board member. Raised in New York City, she was born in La Paz, Bolivia to an Ecuadorian mother and a Jewish-American father, and is a native speaker of English and Spanish.

She holds a BA in Anthropology from Kenyon College, and studied at the Universidad de Sevilla, Spain. She writes about racism and identity, loss, and parenting. Her essays have appeared in several publications including Hold The Line Magazine, Family Story, Role Reboot, Streetlight Magazine, among others, and in the anthologies, The Beiging of America (2017) and Sharing Gratitude (2019). She has been interviewed on a number of podcasts, including Global Citizenship & Equity, Inclusion School, and War Stories from the Womb.

Her essay, The Hidden Curriculum, received an Honorable Mention in Streetlight Magazine’s 2021 Essay/Memoir Contest. Her book, Strength of Soul (2Leaf Press; University of Chicago Press), was published in April 2019.
Justin Nai'im Hurdle-Price
Justin Hurdle-Price started facilitating conflict resolution workshops for young people and adults at the age of 10. He has co-facilitated workshops in schools and for non-profits and at national conflict resolution conferences all over the country. He worked as a trainer coach for youth from all different backgrounds, helped design workshops for parents, teachers and young people.

His current work for Hur Communication Solutions as a Strategic Communication Specialist involves designing cutting-edge workshops that address the issues of the current times including topics like Talking With Tweens, Teens and Young Adults About Racism and Working With and Managing People Who Have Anxiety. He is also a guest speaker and co-facilitator in the sold-out On The Matter of Race Program and speaker on panels and local television shows. He is a co-facilitator for U-Thrive Educational Services video workshop series Transforming Conflict for College Students.

As a proud African American, he has completed Workshops on Racism by The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, participated in sit-ins, walk-outs, protests and solidarity days. His work around racism and diversity is informed by his challenging educational experience in a predominantly white, private elementary and middle school, a high school designed to serve students with learning challenges, an alternative GED HS and his attendance at Hofstra University. His workshop topics are created from his own experiences as someone living with anxiety as well as managing conflicts that arise in daily life. He brings wisdom, enthusiasm and honesty to every workshop, training and speaking engagement.
Our Wonderful Panelists
Joe Burns
Level 5
Joe Burns is indomitable. Yet, his heartfelt, genuine approach mixed with his signature, dad-joke humor makes him approachable, allowing him to capture the room. He creates a safe space for audiences to open up and engage in the money topics we usually avoid. And he believes money should be fun! He is an expert at making complex ideas simple and using hot-seat coaching to get everyone a breakthrough (whether or not they’re on stage with him). His message of disruption, talking to money, and using simple, actionable steps to achieve the impact entrepreneurs desire has been heard around the globe.
Kathy Goughenour
Level 5
Kathy Goughenour is the founder of Virtual Expert® Training, where she teaches professional women how to transition from corporate or teaching careers into their own successful virtual business. Kathy runs her virtual empire from her dream home — which is a tiny cabin in the middle of a Missouri national forest. As a native Missourian, Kathy had not been exposed to diversity and had not educated herself about other cultures. As a result, she was ignorant about the suffering and systemic racism black Americans and all BIPOC experience. Fortunately, Kathy knew Lynne Hurdle Price, who opened Kathy's eyes to her ignorance and how it was hurting others and herself. After 3 years and 5 levels in Lynne's On The Matter Of Race, Kathy is ankle deep in understanding the full depth and width of what BIPOC Americans have to deal with on a daily basis and how she can effectively participate in the dismantling of racism.
Janet Ladd
Level 5
Janet Ladd leads the Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging team at Equinix.  Janet experience as a C-Suite HRBP, Talent Management innovator, Organizational Development consultant, and DIB advocate to cultivate an organizational culture where all employees can say “I’m safe, I belong, and I matter.” Janet brings a vision of diversity and inclusion, a passion for experiential learning, the personal humility to continually learn (and unlearn), and in-the-trenches experience driving business transformation and large-scale change.
Kristin Kohler
Level 5
I am currently a nature-based preschool teacher, formerly a professional chef, and a white mom and wife raising two white kids. I joined the flagship course of OTMR with Lynne back in 2019 on a gut feeling. Since 45 was elected president in 2016, I began a private journey of realizing my white privilege through reading and educating myself, all while feeling very alone, and scared, as a white person in this work. When a mutual Facebook contact posted about Lynne’s OTMR course, I waited until the last minute to sign up. I was no longer alone, and have been with the same group of white people in this work with Lynne, and now her son Nai’im, through Level 5a. I now know this is life-long work, and I’m currently focused on breaking the cycle of complicity, willful ignorance/silence, and comfort in whiteness I was modeled to and participated in as a child (and young adult), by doing it differently in relationship with my kids, now ages 7 and 9.
Debbie Burns
Level 5
Debbie Burns is fire-forged. A Molotov cocktail in Hello Kitty packaging, Deb’s dynamic, humorous, and heart-centered style of communication allows her to take others on the vulnerable journey of diving straight to the soul and facing the hard things found there.

And her love for the people she serves is palpable!!! Deb’s goal is transformation, not just inspiration, and she leaves her audiences both elevated and hungry for more. Her
audacious vision is to touch the lives of 7 billion people by awakening and deepening the love they have for self.

Her biggest regret? Not ever having lived the life she truly wanted. Deb spiraled into darkness as she was forced to navigate post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and high suicidality. Eventually committed because she couldn't keep herself on this planet anymore, it was within those sterile walls that Deb learned she didn't have to live by anyone else’s rules but her own and, in rewriting said rules, she discovered her path back to radical self-love and meaningful joy.

From terrified shut-in to international bestselling author, public speaker, and Soul Magick creator, Deb’s message of courage, love, and the magick of living by your own rules is now spreading across continents.

Deb will read your soul and speak back the magick she sees there. As she often says, “If you knew what I knew about you, you wouldn’t stop until your magick transformed the world.”
Dan Rondeau
Level 3
Dan Rondeau is the graphic design guru and brand strategist of DJR Designs. He partners with 6 and 7-figure business coaches, speakers, trainers, and course-creators who desire an emotional and visual connection for their impactful product or service and do not have the bandwidth or desire to create it themselves.

After more than 12 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Dan’s “brand and design eye” lured him away from a “safe” corporate position daring him to go head first into true entrepreneurship. Dan’s genuine heart and investment in his clients' businesses set them both up for success.
Hillary Weiss Presswood
Level 3
Hillary Weiss is a creative director, positioning coach, and founder of Statement Piece Studio @ hillaryweiss.com. She’s also the co-host of the cult-favorite Youtube marketing talk show Hillary and Margo Yell at Websites (#HAMYAW), and has had her work featured on Business Insider, The Next Web, The Observer, and more. Since 2011, she’s helped thousands of brands all over the world get seen and heard (and make serious cash) through her 1-1 client work, writing, coaching, and videos. Nowadays, she’s on a mission to help more small businesses define their “statement piece”, a.k.a. the bold point of view that makes them radically relevant to their perfect people.
Kurt Pletcher
Level 3
Kurt Pletcher currently serves as the SVP, General Counsel of Equinix, the world’s leading digital infrastructure company.   He was born and raised in the Inland Empire in Southern California and is currently based in Denver, Colorado.  He began his career in consulting in Washington, DC and later attended law school at The George Washington University.  He has practiced law in litigation, labor and employment law, venture capital, and now leads a global team at Equinix that services the business in its customer relationships, product development, intellectual property and other related matters.   At Equinix, Kurt is a member of the Allies Council, which is a group of senior leaders dedicated to being champions for change within Equinix, supporting its diverse workforce through allyship, education and furthering an agenda to make Equinix a place where all employees can say “I’m safe, I belong and I matter.”
Nic Smith
Level 3
J.Nichole Smith is an unconventional, world-leading Brand Architect and Colour Psychology consultant trusted by start-ups, billion dollar brands (& everyone in between). She believes we all deserve a colourful life full freedom & fulfilment but we must also give back more than we take. Through her proprietary Whyfinding™ and Colour Brand® methods, she helps businesses clarify and prioritize purpose and rebrand using science (plus a little bit of magic). By leveraging her psychology-based brand strategies, her clients wildly transform both their profit and positive impact – starting with mastering the most important 8 seconds in business.
Jenny Fenig
Level 3
Jenny Fenig helps you remember who you truly are: a magic maker. Her work focuses on empowering creative women entrepreneurs to increase their confidence, impact, money and time-freedom by mixing modern with ancient practices. Jenny lives in the woods with her family in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.
Caitlin Bacher
Level 2
Caitlin Bacher is founder of Scale with Success®, a group coaching experience that helps people turn their online course into a profitable 6 or 7 figure business without launching. She has worked closely with Lynne Hurdle for the last three years to learn more about anti-racism and how she can actively work to dismantle it.
Andi Smiles
Level 2
Andi Smiles is the Director of Content at Collective and a small business financial consultant and coach. She has taught thousands of self-employed folx how to organize and understand their business finances, while also uncovering their emotional relationship with money. She’s in Level 2 (soon to be Level 3) of On the Matter of Race and looking forward to deepening the work in Level 3.
Kristen Kish
Level 2
Kristen’s career has taken her from Human Resources to Communications to, wonderfully, a blending of both. Most recently, Kristen oversees global communications for Equinix, Inc.’s Community & Belonging group which includes diversity, inclusion & belonging, community impact, and wellbeing. Kristen is also a certified mindfulness meditation teacher in the Vipassana tradition and is certified as a coach through New York University’s coaching program. With a passion for learning, Kristen is what they’d call a “life-long learner” and has completed level two of On the Matter of Race. She’s continuing to level three this fall. Human, connection-maker, ally, knowledge-seeker, Kristen lives with her husband and two dogs in Connecticut (Lenape land).
Elizabeth Torkington
Level 2
Liz Torkington is the Director of Street Health Outreach at Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center in the Bay Area, California. As a Registered Nurse and Public Health Nurse, she cares deeply about the health of communities and is currently focused on bringing services to people experiencing homelessness. Liz joined OTMR for Levels I and II and is excited to move forward into Level III this fall. The most exciting part of her journey with OTMR is learning how to have conversations with people -- white, black, indigenous, and of color -- about racism and what we can do to change the system we've all been conditioned to participate in while living in this country.
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