On The Matter Of Race Level 1:
White People Committed to Beginning the Journey Together
Next Journey Begins
the week of May 22, 2023

A Six Month Intimate Group Experience
facilitated by
Dr. Lynne Maureen Hurdle,
Conflict Resolution Strategist, Leadership Coach, Author, TEDx Speaker, Facilitator,
African American Woman and Mom
YES! I Want In!
On The Matter Of Race Level 1:
White People Committed to Beginning the Journey Together
Next Journey Begins
the week of May 22, 2023

A Six Month Intimate Group Experience
facilitated by
Dr. Lynne Maureen Hurdle,
Conflict Resolution Strategist, Leadership Coach, Author, TEDx Speaker, Facilitator,
African American Woman and Mom
YES! I Want In!
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The Promise of Level 1 On the Matter of Race:
A facilitated journey toward open, meaningful, honest conversations about racism (without fear of being slapped, shamed or cancelled).
It was at this moment...
In 1975, I was 17 years old and living with my parents and my older sister in the Bronx. I rode the city bus to and from school and one day, when I was about a mile away from home, I noticed that the bus driver did not open the doors when we pulled up to a bus stop.

I looked through the front window and saw a mob of young white males wearing red bandannas on their heads charging towards us. They looked to be around 50 in number.

They surrounded the bus and started screaming that they were going to get the Ni***rs.

It was right at this moment that I noticed two things that terrified me.
Two Things That Terrified Me...
First was that, the bus driver, a teenage male and myself were the only black people on the bus.

The second was the baseball bats they were using to hit the sides of the bus while demanding we come out.

When the bus driver held his ground and refused to open the door, the mob began to try and tip the bus over. The only thing that saved us was the arrival of another bus across the street filled with African-American teenagers.

The mob ran across the street and I jumped off the bus with the other teenager. He was terrified, not only because of this horrifying incident, but also because this was his first week living in this area.

Welcome to the neighborhood kid.

I took him to his home and then walked home from there. I remember thinking of only one thing as I walked home, “I don’t know how, but I have to do something with my life that brings people together around these issues.”

Let me tell you how strange that was for me. From the time I was five years old, I knew that I wanted to be an entertainer.
I Was Going to Be a Star!
At 17 years old, I had no idea where this ‘save the world and help people deal with conflicts’ idea came from.

I started at Syracuse University as a theater major. However, in my junior year, I abruptly switched to their new Non-Violent Conflict and Change major.

I wasn’t even close to God back then, but I believed that somebody knew something about my future regardless of whether or not that something was part of my plans.

Since then, I’ve invested over 40 years into conflict resolution where I have helped people have the difficult conversations and work through unresolved conflict soulfully and effectively.

I’ve worked with clients from the South Bronx to South Africa and from Harlem to Hong Kong.

I am also honored to have Justin Nai'im Hurdle-Price as a guest speaker for each session on this journey.
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About Justin Nai'im Hurdle-Price
Justin started facilitating conflict resolution workshops for young people and adults at the age of 10. He has co-facilitated workshops in schools and for non-profits and at national conflict resolution conferences all over the country. He worked as a trainer coach for youth from all different backgrounds, helped design workshops for parents, teachers and young people.

His current work for Hur Communication Solutions as a Strategic Communication Specialist involves designing cutting-edge workshops that address the issues of the current times including topics like Talking With Tweens, Teens and Young Adults About Racism and Working With and Managing People Who Have Anxiety.

He is also a co-facilitator in the sold-out On The Matter of Race Program and speaker on panels and local television shows. He is a co-facilitator for U-Thrive Educational Services video workshop series Transforming Conflict for College Students.

As a proud African American, he has completed Workshops on Racism by The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, participated in sit- ins, walk-outs, protests and solidarity days. His work is further informed by his challenging educational experience in predominantly white, private schools, living life as a young Black man and as someone living with anxiety who is managing conflicts that arise in daily life.

He brings wisdom, enthusiasm and honesty to every workshop, training and speaking engagement.
This Group Is For...
White people who consider themselves to be a nice white person who knows there is racism, but has never done work on how they have internalized it.
White parents of white children who want to begin to have honest conversations with their children about race.
White people who have started to educate themselves about race in America and want to take that journey further with other like-minded white people.
White people who work in a DEI or HR position and need to
understand their blind spots around how racism affects their work.
White people who really want to speak up on race, but are afraid to ask questions because they don’t know what they don’t know and are terrified of offending people of color.
White people who have just begun a personal journey on unpacking race and privilege in their own lives and are committed to learning about it and want to find their voice on it in order to speak up in their own circles (family, work, relationships or community).
White people in leadership positions who are responsible for a team or have a social media presence and want to speak up about race and diversity.
White parents raising Children of Color who need to have honest
conversations, but don't know how.
White people who are committed to taking action with the knowledge gained in this group and work on their specific way to use their voice or platform.
This 6-Month Intimate Group Experience
Two 90-Minute
Group Sessions Each Month
on Zoom
One 60-Minute 1-on-1 session
with Dr. Lynne and Nai’im to personalize your practical application of the work.
Live Facilitation
by Dr. Lynne and Nai'im.
Three Live
Fireside Chats
with experts around the globe.
Opportunities For You to Ask Questions
about race in a safe,
non-judgemental space.
A Private Facebook Group
for continued conversation and community support between calls.
Discount on OTMR Live and In-Person Conference
in Washington, DC on
September 15-18, 2023
This is a group that I offer by invitation and interview ONLY...

And it is limited to no more than 12 people.
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Testimonials From Participants of On The Matter of Race Groups...
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Lynne provides a safe environment to really look at what is going on within you.  You can move at your own pace (but it is essential you keep moving forward).  At the same time, Lynne will be clear and straightforward with the truth that needs to be heard.
"A life-altering and eye-opening experience guides you to initiate conversations that impact locally enough to continue a trickle effect to break the patterns of global systemic racism."

"Powerful, ongoing, never-ending process to learn about and help end systemic racism..."

"An eye-opening, heart-opening, and life-altering continual learning that  affirms what it means to be human."

"Taking on my piece of heart-ripping learning and unlearning, changing myself to achieve my vision that we will likely not see in our lifetime ."

"The experience in this group is beyond anything I could have hoped for. The depths of the conversations, the ways that it has communicated things have been really good. It keeps me in and thinking about it. I don’t think I would be this present in conversations about race without this group."

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew it would be good, because it was you. This container makes me constantly think about how I show up in the world. In all my interactions, I start to question my part in the interaction.  How can I reframe the interactions with my clients of color so that I am taking all of who they are into consideration.”

Being Part of this Group Will Take Courage...

And commitment.

That is why it is by invitation only and I am hopping on the phone with every applicant to make sure that the right group of people come together for this important work.

I believe that in order for us to achieve the change we want to see in this country around race, White people have to find their voice and learn how to be on the front lines in the conversations around race.

People of color are already out there making our voices heard and it is hard, but we have been doing it for a very long time.

Now, you have a chance to be a real part of the conversation. I can teach you how to do that one step at a time. At 17, I didn’t know how I could fulfill my purpose in this work, but now I damn sure do! 

When it comes to racism, being the change that you want to see means you have to be able to see what needs to be changed and then act.

  • Learn to look through a different lens and begin to know what you don't know.
  • Understand that racism isn't just about actions, it is also deeply imbedded in our systems.
  • Learn and talk through definitions associated with race and privilege.
  • Start to unpack privilege and some of the reasons behind your thoughts and actions.
  • Begin to understand what contributes to many of the conflicts we have around race in this country.
  • Learn the skills necessary for setting the foundation for having uncomfortable conversations.
  • Have the opportunity to see where you are getting it wrong when it comes to conversations dealing with race.
  • Bring real life situations to the discussion table.
  • Decide and work on how you personally will use your voice to take action.
  • Practice skills that help you communicate more concisely, compassionately, consistently and confidently.

I am hoping that you are one of the 12 who will join us! 
This is a group that I offer by invitation and interview ONLY.
To get started, schedule your interview with us to
make sure this is the right fit for you.

Full Payment: $4997
Payment Plan: 3 monthly payments of $1703.34 (Total = $5,110)
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