The 5 Things You Should Never Do
If You Want Your Kids

Listen to YOU

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May 19, Thursday  
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Being Listened to and Actually Heard

Less Stress in Your Household

Looking Forward to Conversations With Your Children

Being Someone That They Enjoy Talking With and Listening To

Laughing More and Yelling Less

Spending More Time Enjoying Your Children and Less Time Arguing

Getting Your Kids To Do What You Want Them To Do More Often.
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You want to stop yelling at your kids, you really do, but they just don’t listen to you.

Ears that can hear the ice-cream truck five blocks away can’t hear you telling them to clean up their mess from 5 feet away.

They can spend hours on Snapchat with their friends but they’d rather Snap at you than Chat about why they haven’t finished their homework.

Conversations are too often confrontations that go nowhere. You still have toys everywhere, uncleaned rooms, chores not done and nobody dressed and ready in the morning.

Getting them to bed is a battle of epic proportions that even the greatest superhero would flee from (and leave you hanging).

You’re close to making a recording of “put away your iPad, turn off the TV, no texting at the table, video game time is up,” just so you don’t have to keep saying it over and over again.

Your in-laws have endless advice from “back in their day” on how to “get your kids in line” and you’re secretly fuming because you know that’s not going to work either.

Even on the few occasions that they do listen, it doesn’t last and you are right back to yelling again.

The frustration and stress seem endless.  

How do I know all this? Because I’ve lived it. I used to think, “is it just me?” In fact, I would go to my room and stand in front of my mirror and scream “why don’t these kids listen???!!!" It took me 5 years to finally answer that question. In fact, I have found many answers to that question and of course learned that it is not just me that this is happening to.

I want to share the top Five answers with you. That’s why I created:

The 5 Things You Should Never Do
If You Want Your Kids

to Listen to YOU

FREE Webinar with Lynne Maureen Hurdle, the Conflict Closer!
If you are the parent of children ages 5 and up and especially if you are the parent of Tweens and/or Teens then this webinar is definitely for you.  

May 19, Thursday  
Here's What You'll Discover During This Webinar:
1. The question that every parent should ask their kids if they really want to be listened to. If you want to make them sit up and listen right then and there you will need to know this question and how to ask it.

2. Who are your kids? Do you really know? I’ll talk about why getting the right answer to this question can begin to change the dynamics in your household from friction to listening.

3. Discover the loudest voice in your home and how to quiet it down. When you learn how to do this you will understand how to get the best results you’ve ever gotten when it comes to your children listening to you.

4. Why it isn’t just about yelling, but what you’re yelling.I will teach you the phrase that is making your kids dig their heels in and tune you out even more and then I’ll show you how to flip it and make it work for you.

5. Effective tools that you can bring with you to any conversation.Why stop with your children? Why not learn how to get other people in your life to listen to you? After all you have great things to say right?

6. A Bonus 6th thing you should never do if you want them to listen. You really should make sure you NEVER do this unless you want to send them completely over the edge.

7. A Deep Dive in to The Solution for The #1 Thing You Should Never Do.I want to make sure you leave with tools you can use as soon as you get off the webinar. I know that if your kids are like mine they will be waiting just to test you.

8. The Big Mistake I Made That You Definitely Want To Learn From.Hey I’m not perfect but that’s going to pay off for you when I tell you what I did that you NEVER want to do. 
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"Lynne Maureen Hurdle is one of a kind. Her expertise in the fields of conflict resolution and social/emotional learning partnered with her ability to authentically relate to people makes her truly extraordinary. Lynne has facilitated all of our parent mindfulness groups and has made a profound difference in so many lives. She lights up the room with her dynamic personality while at the same time transmitting a sense of calm all around her. Lynne creates an atmosphere of compassion and trust allowing all participants the safe place they need to be honest and do the hard work necessary for change. After a session with Lynne, all those involved feel grateful and privileged to have had the opportunity to learn from her and leave feeling positive and empowered."

Valerie Mouracade, PTA Chairperson - Mindfulness Committee  
Who Am I?
Why Am I The Right Person to Host This Webinar?

I am Lynne Maureen Hurdle and I am The Conflict Closer. I have been helping people from Harlem to Hong Kong with their conflicts for over 30 years now.

On the surface, what it looks like I do is teach people how to resolve conflicts peacefully. What I really do is help ears to listen deeply as hearts speak from the wounded places that conflict still resides helping you melt away all the reasons why the conflicts in your life can’t be resolved.

By day, I am the mother of a 15 year old son at home and a 20 year old son away at college who has used these skills to transform my relationship with them.

Disguised as a mild-mannered mom from the Bronx trained in the super skills of conflict resolution, I spend my days listening to my 15 year old recant his many tales. Tales of conflicts with his teachers, his friends, his girlfriend, with me, with his dad and with himself. Chances to use my super skills are endless. That’s what happened when I learned how to get him to listen to me, he comes to me with everything.

By night, I am The Conflict Closer facilitating workshops for parents who want to know how to get their children to listen to them and how to resolve all the conflict that goes on in their homes.

One of my Superpowers in this work is being able to see and normalize the humanity in making mistakes and trying again by sharing my own mistakes and successes.

In other words. I Keep it Real!

And that is exactly what I will do in this webinar. When you work with me, you will feel as if we are sitting in your home together with a cup of your favorite warm beverage and a pint of truth. The care and respect I hold for you will be as evident as my reassuring smile.
"Lynne Maureen Hurdle is the friend in your head facilitator. The type that listens with a heart and offers practical ways for you to make it right in courageous ways. Lynne's practical strategies come from that special place in all of us to see the humanity in one another. In this sense, Lynne truly is a friend of the kindred spirit illuminating the way towards conflict resolution."

- Gina Parker Collins, founder | advocate | advisor | author
RIISE - Resources In Independent School Education  

Here's the Thing...
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And because I know your time is valuable, when you sign up and stay till the end, I’m giving you:

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AND Of Course I Will Include...

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So…. You can spend that hour doing what you usually do to try to get your kids to listen to you….


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"Lynne Maureen Hurdle is more than a trainer, she is a dynamic, transformational professional who has the gift of educating people not only with information but with how to apply and integrate it in to their lives for maximum impact. She is a force for change."

- Dr. Linda Lausell Bryant, Director Undergraduate Field Learning Program
NYU Silver School of Social Work